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Pfaster is unassuming and harbors a deep hatred of women that he acts upon, as is true with most male serial killers.Also, if anyone ever refers to me as “girly girl,” I’m never speaking to them again.The only witnesses are their daughters, who just so happen to be identical and share the same story.Products of a continued eugenics project known as The Litchfield Experiment, the two girls exhibit great intelligence and psychotic behavior like their predecessors.Tooms is viewed as harmless and as someone who just does his job, even by the other FBI agents who don’t buy Mulder’s theory (which, honestly, anyone but Mulder would balk at).Bonus creep factor for casting real life gross dude Doug Hutchison.The end of the episode posits that Flukey is likely a result of the Chernobyl fallout, which has led to some strange things over the years.Originally thought to be the work of aliens by a local detective, a series of corpse mutilations turns quickly to murder.

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This episode hits pretty close to home (aside from being set in Cleveland and my last name being on the victims’ list, that is) because I’ve had some online dating experience.

Online dating, especially in its infancy, can make a lot of people apprehensive.

You don’t know who really is on the other side of their profile.

That goddamn toilet factor comes up again in this episode – which is just a big ball of NOPE.

Flukeman, as he’s known, hides out in the sewers and in the cesspools beneath portable toilets before attacking his victims.

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