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I'd joke about it maybe making more sense after downing a bottle of Vodka, but that would be cheap. Sometimes it tries to be more ambitious, and those sections are Start to finish though, it's a game that'll have you blinking at the screen until tears stream down your face, while constantly pitching its tent in that perfect bad-game buffer zone where the creators appeared to have enthusiasm but still made... it now turns out that the entire journey has been one big loop back to the room where Jack started.

I'm not however saying it Venus Hostage is the Georgian Police of porn games - though there's almost no sex in it, and the most graphic scene is in the intro. And as if the whole "City 17" thing hasn't been lingering over the whole game so far, guess what he finds when he returns there... You push the servers over, domino-style, and he's down instantly.

Desperate to win back her heart, and convinced that his "unemployed" status is the cause of all their problems, Eric agrees to join his buddies Stu (Donald Faison) and Alex (Eddie Kaye Thomas), whose principle talents are scamming and avoiding adulthood, and with girlfriend problems of their own, when they discover the easy score of a lifetime-a boatload of casino chips sitting in a warehouse.

The casino chips belong to old-school Vegas mobster Frank Santino (Jon Polito) and just happen to be counterfeit. And when the score doesn't go exactly as planned, comedy and mayhem ensue as Alex is taken prisoner by the Santinos, while Eric and Stu end up...

Eric (Eddie Guerra) and Tara (Jaime Pressly), a couple living in Vegas are really in need of a major event -- to help them breakup already!

He knows she's dating someone new, but can't let her go.

The 15-year-old girl chooses to style herself as a 'living doll' and films tutorials on how to achieve her look for her internet channel However, another description hovers in the background alongside ‘living doll’.It also begins with ‘L’ but has rather more sinister connotations.Yet Venus’s mother will not hear of her daughter being called a Lolita. This is something she likes to do for herself and she enjoys it.‘There is a way of adapting it as I get older so it remains true to the spirit of the idea but is in keeping with my age,’ she insists.The Pioneers is a baseball team that struggles to stay out of last place, annoying crusty owner Mitzi .

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