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Nelson: Selina, you sound like a big fan of David's. Since it's a dog party, we might have to make you sit up and beg though! Zulema, my Lois is much more affectionate than your Precious! Nelson: (The dogs run to Nelson's front door, yipping and yapping) Zulema: I think they know David is bringing his dog!! (David Boreanaz enters with Bertha Blue pulling him on a leash) David, welcome to Nelson's World! David, is it really true that Bertha Blue is responsible for your career? Nelson: I think you have a flair for exaggeration, but I'll let it slide ... Nelson: We were talking to our audience about other actors who play vampires with sex appeal. We asked, which of the following is the sexiest vampire? We just take it for granted that your fans love you.

Today, text and chat abbreviations are used in many online communications including Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, email and online gaming to name a few places.

But he's not the first sexy vampire to cross the screens of TV and film. We ask, which of the following is the sexiest vampire?

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has been a runaway hit for the WB, and they owe a lot of that to David's seething undead character, Angel. After you vote, click on the show icon to return to the graphics screen. Nelson: I liked him better in "The Poseidon Adventure." Zulema, will you bring the dogs in while I take a few questions from the audience? :-) Zulema: (Zulema throws a dog bone in Nelson's lap, causing Lois to jump all over him) Nelson: Good girl! Nelson: The results are: 20% for Frank Langella, 60% for Brad Pitt, 20% for Gary Oldman.

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