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If you say yes, then the orphan menu pieces may return.I recently started getting this problem on a Windows 7 Professional Thinkpad W510 and a generic i7 workstation running Windows 7 Ultimate.Since it worked so well, it ended up staying there.The problem has appeared from time to time, but no one has had a reliable way to reproduce it in the kernel debugger to get it fixed.Based on this knowledge, I now just open IE on my secondary monitor, carefully open the context menu so the Properties command is in the bottom corner, and click it. The floating label never moves and is transparent to mouse input (if I click it, it's as if I clicked the item behind it).The label does not go away if I close all running applications.This clears out the problem on screen at the moment.Running a full screen Direct X game also seems to clear the problem.

Changing the screen resolution or color depth also resets the desktop window manager, so it's always been a workaround for the bug when it appears. I just had a balloon tip's shadow stuck on screen (on top of everything else! Changing resolutions didn't work for me, but changing color depth did. It is only a relatively minor reduction in visual styling (which most people will never notice anyway).New users can purchase Aurora HDR 2018 and my new Aurora HDR tutorial in my online store.Periodically when I select a menu command, the label or selected option gets "stuck" on screen and won't go away.I suggest updating your video card driver and, one by one, disabling startup programs until it stops.I think it was either my driver, Ultra Mon, or Win Split Revolution, but never narrowed it down.

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