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Defined properties: All Weight: 0.453 Weight: 0.453 All Item ID: 20769 Item ID: 20769 All Release date: Release date: All Is members only: true Is members only: true All Value: 5000000 Value: 5000000 The completionist cape is the best cape in the game and is awarded to players who have "completed the game" by finishing all major content available. It can be bought in Varrock Museum for 5,000,000 coins from the museum guard on the top floor by members who have all skills trained up to 99, Dungeoneering, Slayer and Invention up to 120, completed all quests and tasks, unlocked all the music tracks, prayers, and magic spells (except for Bounty Teleport), and completed a number of other requirements listed below.The cape can then be upgraded to a trimmed version after completing a list of additional requirements including unlocking profound decorative armour at Castle Wars and a full statue of Dahmaroc in the player's house. The minimum experience to wear this cape is 601,991,332.As new content (quests, tasks, accomplishments, etc.) is introduced, much of it is added to the requirements for the regular or trimmed version of the cape, which makes it extremely hard to wear for a long period of time.If a player is wearing the cape when new content is added to the requirements, it will be unequipped and placed in their inventory.The colours of a completionist cape can be customised by using the option in the right-click menu of the cape.

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